Quebec Summit

This website is a recollection of the Quebec Summit of the Americas from back in 2001 and the outcome of that summit.

This is just a brief snapshot of the industry, economic, and other factors discussed.

Why Pay Matters

Why does pay matter?With the push around the world for minimum wages and living wages to be made the standard by employers, we have to go back and ask a more fundamental question, which is why does pay matter?

After all businesses need to be competitive and profitable, and won’t a push for higher wages in the developed world simply encourage companies to move overseas to find cheaper labour?

It might be true in some circumstances, but the reality is that particularly for local service economies this isn’t achievable or realistic, and the people in these jobs, who currently in many cases rely on tips to survive would benefit tremendously from a standardised minimum living wage.

To this end there is no denying that:

Paymatters !

And until something is done to right these fiscal iniquities then there is going to be a large group of people who struggle to survive from month to month, indeed this situation has only been getting worse over the last few decades.[Continue Reading...]

Electric Adjustable Beds

electric adjustable beds help give you a great nights sleep

According to health experts from Canada we spend more than a third of our lives asleep, so if you can't manage to nod off then how much of our lives do we spend tossing and turning? It could end up being a large proportion of your life, and just … [Continue reading]