Quebec Summit

This website is a recollection of the Quebec Summit of the Americas from back in 2001 and the outcome of that summit.

This is just a brief snapshot of the industry, economic, and other factors discussed.

Choosing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

plasticflooringFollowing on from the topic of underlay (here), here is the associated flooring made from vinyl in the US and Canada.

If you are considering buying luxury vinyl flooring for your home or business then you’ve chosen an excellent way of flooring your home, but with so many ranges and makes to choose from it can be a little confusing to know which to go for. This article goes through the different manufacturers to help you decide.

K-Trade Flooring is a great luxury vinyl floor covering that is suitable for domestic and light commercial use. There are two types; a plank style flooring and K-Trade’s tile version. Both look incredibly stylish and would compliment any home perfectly. [Read more…]

Laminate Flooring Underlay

Laminate underlay for laminate flooring

Are you thinking about putting in new Laminate flooring in the Kitchen, Living room or Basement Recreation room?

Do you want to have the best flooring available?

There may be something you don’t know, that could affect your whole project.

Many people would like to have a beautiful floor, but they often forget the most important thing. What is under the floor you intend to put down?

If you have laminate flooring then you must choose a good source of :

Laminate Flooring Underlay

Most forget about the Laminate Flooring underlay or the Green Boards that your new flooring will rest on. [Read more…]

Electric Adjustable Beds

electric adjustable beds help give you a great nights sleepAccording to health experts from Canada we spend more than a third of our lives asleep, so if you can’t manage to nod off then how much of our lives do we spend tossing and turning?

It could end up being a large proportion of your life, and just because you can’t get comfortable when you go to bed!

Because of this can you imagine the benefits of a bed that allows you to get off to sleep easily, and more importantly that helps you to get a solid night’s sleep when you do finally fall asleep?

You probably need to be looking at:

Electric adjustable beds

Even if a bed cost you £10,000 would it be worth it if you ended up managing to spend that third of your life in blissful rest, re-energised and ready to go when you woke up? [Read more…]